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Welcome to InMind Children’s Services

Our aim at InMind, is to provide outstanding care, education and therapeutic support (often clinical) for children and young people who have suffered emotional and psychological trauma, abuse, neglect and/or come from troubled, violent and challenging backgrounds.

We are dedicated to helping children and young people understand and overcome their troubled backgrounds, reduce risk taking behaviours and fulfil their true potential.  As a result, we have created specialist and innovative ways of helping children to move forward with their lives and to understand why they behave the way they do, what makes their behaviours challenging and difficult  and how they can be empowered to turn this around.  More importantly, a realisation that their situation is not their fault and nor is it because they are ‘bad’.

Our interventions through nurturing care, education and positive experiences, builds confidence in young people and help them to manage their emotions thereby determining their future.